We stock your favorite organic, natural, and specialty staples and unique finds. We are always sourcing new, exciting foods that meet our standards so that you have a good time shopping for foods that you feel great about.



Organic produce is the rule, not the exception. Our produce selection is almost entirely Certified USDA Organic grown. We make occasional exceptions for local or specialty produce items that are ecologically grown on farms we know and trust.


Vitamins + supplements

We offer the best industry-leading brands of supplements. What’s even better is that we know about them and we can help you find whatever you need, whether it’s multivitamin, pre-natal's, probiotics and digestive enzymes, kid's supplements, herbal supplements, homeopathic's or protein powders.


Body Care

Rory's is your place for everything that keeps you shiny, clean and healthy on the outside! We offer a variety of hair-care products, skin lotions and oils, facial care products, soap and body wash, dental care items, natural cosmetics, and more.


Home Care

You will find a full selection of earth-friendly and people-friendly home-care products. We'll help you get your home clean safely with non-toxic and sustainable laundry detergent, home and bathroom cleaners, toiletries, and dishwashing products.



You may be thinking about CBD. We are stocked with popular and trustworthy brands of hemp oil and CBD products. We'll help you find what will work best for you, from capsules, tinctures, topical salves and lotions or vapables.


Beer + Wine

We offer an assortment of clean-ingredient and craft libations. Come in and explore our chilled beers, organic wines, hard seltzers, long-brewed kombuchas, artisan cocktails and more.


Meat + Cheese

We are serious about animal welfare and quality when it comes to meat and cheese. We work with local farmers whose names we know to provide much of our meat and cheese. We have been developing other trustworthy sources of beef, pork, lamb and poultry and we tirelessly seek out new and interesting cheeses to share with you.


Functional Beverages

Don’t let beer and wine have all the fun. Kombucha, cold brew, matcha, coconut water, cbd drinks, electrolyte beverages, herbal tonics and other potion-like beverages are just as important to us. Every single product we bring in has passed Rory’s test for quality and do-goodishness.